“With Aara Health, the founders are hoping to create a community and build conversations around issues of women’s health.”


“Aara Health is an attempt to create a safer, judgement-free and de-stigmatised environment for women’s healthcare in India.”


“Aara Health aims to bridge the gender gap in healthcare by building an inclusive, sustainable, judgment-free platform for women in India.”

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“A platform for women that aims to empower, educate and diagnose in a confidential, safe and reliable manner.”

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Sweet Dreams are Made of These
Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Sweet Dreams are Made of These is unique and created with a thoughtful concoction of medically beneficial natural herbs and blends to help you get that blissful, uninterrupted REM sleep.

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We’re a women centric company focused on creating healthcare products and curating scientifically backed information for you.

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