• Mis-Conceptions: On Genuine Empowerment, Contraception, & Breaking Barriers One by One
    Mis-Conceptions: On Genuine Em...
    Dr. Mariyam Sadikot

    How do I talk to my doctor about it? How do I talk to bae about it? What if my parents ask questions? Maybe I don’t need to worry about it.

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  • Being Partners During Pregnancy
    Being Partners During Pregnancy
    Tanya Malik

    It is a thrilling time. Your body is creating life. It is literally taking in food and building a full human being inside it.

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  • Migraines and Women’s Health
    Migraines and Women’s Health
    Micky Patel

    Ladies, have you ever experienced a never-ending throbbing sensation in your head? Chances are what you are experiencing is a migraine.

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  • Exploring Endometriosis
    Exploring Endometriosis
    Meghana Sukthandar

    Many women remain undiagnosed for menstrual related disorders because of their misconceptions surrounding period pain.

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  • Gut Health
    Gut Health
    Aara Health

    If we could see more than what meets the eye, we would learn that humans are really nothing more than a clump of cells growing in a woman’s womb.

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  • Sex and Gender
    Sex and Gender

    My friends and I often have conversations where they ask me questions about all things LGBT and are always fascinated by the answers I give them.

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  • Prenatals 101
    Prenatals 101
    Aara Health

    Pregnancy is the most sacred time during a woman’s lifecycle. A time where you prioritize maintaining a healthy mind and body.

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  • COVID Hero: Healing the Broken World
    COVID Hero: Healing the Broken...
    Dr. Hansel Misquitta

    ‘I want to tell you sometimes, it feels like we’ve killed the world…’ started my daily lockdown morning ritual, listening to songs of my favourite band outlandish.

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  • Menstrual Hygiene
    Menstrual Hygiene
    Aara Health

    Menstrual hygiene comprises of three things: 1. maintain intimate hygiene, 2. use of right kind of absorbents, 3. correct disposal of menstrual waste.

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  • Birth Control 101
    Birth Control 101
    Aara Health

    Birth control is a largely under-discussed topic in India, with many women unaware of the available and necessary contraceptive options.

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  • PCOS 101
    PCOS 101
    Dr. Jaishree Sharad

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders in females, affecting 8% to 13% of women.

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